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Childrens Rights Committee

Do you serve as a Guardian ad Litem in custody cases?  Does your practice include the representation of children?  Are you frequently involved in custody cases that involve balancing the wants, desires, and needs of children against the wants, desires, and needs of parents?  Do you spend your days explaining “best interests?” Do you constantly walk the line between zealously representing your client while at the same time trying to convince your client to decrease the hostility and rancor with the other parent so that the parents can effectively co-parent in the future?  If so, we would love to have you join the new Children’s Rights Committee.

The Children’s Rights Committee is brand-new this year.  We are in search of members to help craft a mission, draft guidelines, write articles, and frame the work of the committee in the years to come.   The time commitment will not be great (a telephone meeting once a month and an in-person committee meeting at the Annual AAML meeting in Chicago each year) but invaluable in helping get this committee off of the ground.

If you would like to join the Children’s Right’s Committee, please send me an email at Valerie@valeriemoorelaw.com


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